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Medical Billing and Coding Changes in 2022

Dec 1

The healthcare system is a tangled web, and medical billing and coding are part of that. The requirements for how medical billing services must function change annually. The requirements for how medical billing services must function change annually. New CPT codes, a new ICD system, and new business practices will all be part of these developments in 2022. Hospitals, clinics, and medical offices are increasingly outsourcing medical billing production.

New CPT codes, a new ICD system, and new business practices will all be part of these developments in 2022. Medical offices, hospitals, and clinics are increasingly outsourcing the creation of their medical billings to outside companies like Accuray (NYSE: ARY) or Cerner (NASDAQ: CERN). By engaging outside experts to undertake these duties rather than having them completed internally at their facilities, they aim to reduce their overhead costs.

How do medical billing and coding work? 

Medical billing and coding services are a specialized field that's important for hospitals, clinics, and medical practices to keep up with changes. It's also a growing field with many roles available in the medical billing and coding industry. Medical billing companies always keep an eye on the new updates, so they always work up to date.

What does the change mean for the industry?

The changes are part of a larger effort to move toward more preventive care and reduce the number of individuals who must be treated in a hospital emergency department. Other changes include:

  • Replacing paper charts with electronic medical records can track patient information over time and give doctors more information about each patient's health history. This will help them diagnose patients faster and make better decisions about their care.
  • Doctors can send patients' records directly to insurers without going through a third party, such as an insurance company or hospital billing company (known as direct-to-carrier billing). This means it's much easier for doctors and hospitals to get paid by insurers than before because they don't have any middlemen between them and their clients anymore!

New CPT Codes:

In 2022, the CPT code set will undergo a massive change. The new codes will be released in 2021 and will go into effect in 2022. This is a significant step forward for coding and billing practices, as it gives more detail about the healthcare services rendered by medical experts like physicians and nurses.

The CPT code set has been created to allow accurate billing when patients receive care at hospitals or clinics (or at home). Now that these new codes are coming online, they'll give healthcare providers more information on how much time was spent operating. So this means you can find out exactly how much your provider made from helping someone recover. 

How do medical billing companies keep up with changes?

  • Get training and education.
  • Get a mentor or coach who helps them to navigate the new rules, regulations and coding standards in each state that apply to your practice area. 
  • This person may be someone from within related industries, such as accounting or billing specialists at larger companies who understand their particular industry well enough to see what changes are coming down the pipeline for doctors. 
  • However, someone from outside the industry working on similar projects could be. 

Some of the significant changes in 2022:

COVID-19 codes added

The healthcare sector had to implement various system modifications due to the pandemic and its repercussions to deal with the crisis. These modifications will play a significant role in the medical billing system by 2022.


New ICD System

The ICD system is a medical billing and coding tool that helps physicians identify the cause of a patient's symptoms and the appropriate diagnosis. It assigns an International Statistical Classification of Diseases (ICD) code to each illness or injury.

The ICD-11 code set was released in October 2018 and will replace most existing codes within one year, on January 1st, 2020. This means that many current practices will need to be updated by January 1st, 2021, at the latest; otherwise, they could face penalties from Medicare for violating HIPAA rules about data privacy or security breaches in their practice. So, when you hire a reliable Medical Billing company, they will already work on the updated codes. 

ICD-11 codes have been divided into Modifiers and Major Diagnosis Codes (MDCs). Modifier codes describe factors affecting health, such as age or gender; MDCs describe diseases themselves—such as diabetes mellitus type 2 (DM2) and pneumonia requiring hospitalization for more than 48 hours—and can be further broken down into multiple subcodes if necessary.

Artificial intelligence is being used more and more.

Healthcare has used machine learning, just like other businesses. Through integrating billing procedures and developing a functional lineup for claim re-submissions, AI has contributed to cost reduction and raised patient satisfaction. Additionally, it has been used to update and confirm patient demographic data as well as change billing statement releases.


The idea that the use of artificial intelligence in computer-assisted coding will eliminate human occupations is untrue. However, it has been demonstrated that the program could have been more precise with the assistance of a skilled human coder. The technology is perfectly suited to enhancing the skills and boosting the output of medical billing specialists.

The medical billing and coding industry is changing, but for good reasons.

The medical coding and billing field is evolving, but for good reasons. This adjustment is required to keep current with the times and to ensure that your practice remains competitive in a field where technology has made it easier than ever before as it has automated tasks that were once done manually.

There are other factors at play here: technological advances have made it simpler than ever for businesses. Let’s take an example of internal medicine billing, yours to provide accurate records of patient interactions with doctors' offices, hospitals, insurance companies, and other healthcare providers; advancements in artificial intelligence (AI). So it means your business can now make intelligent decisions about how much time doctors spend on each patient visit or procedure. Moreover, cloud-based systems allow for better data storage which means less outdated paperwork being stored away.

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In short, the healthcare system is a tangled web, and medical billing and coding are part of that. Every year brings new changes in the way medical billing services must operate. In 2022, those changes will include new CPT codes, a new ICD system, and new ways of doing business. In addition, many hospitals, clinics, and medical practices are increasingly outsourcing their production of medical billings. So, if you are also looking for a reliable source, you can hire U Control Billing to get your work done, as our team knows to cater to the clients perfectly.